ISOV Pneumatic Valves are widely used on gensets as well as marine and offshore applications.
The Pneumatic version is available in sizes from 2" up to 11 " (50 - 280 mm) and very effective when Battery power is limited and are competitively priced compared to solenoid versions.

The Pneumatic ISOV valve is operated by applying Air or Oil pressure to the pneumatic cylinder integrated in the body. The Pressure inlet port is shown in the adjacent drawing. The pneumatic cylinder trips and closes ISOV when a pressure source is applied.

The air or oil pressure is applied by using a 2/3 way solenoid valve as shown on the diagram.
After tripping the pneumatic cylinder, ISOV will close and the 2/3 way solenoid has to be reset after which the valve can be opened and latched in the same manner as the Manual version.

To increase safety, all ISOV pneumatic valves will be equipped with a manual Pull handle in case the solenoid for any reason may fail due to electric blackout.

Standard Pressure inlet ports are 1/8 or 1/4 "size.