Maintenance & Operation

Maintenance of the automatic overspeed system

The proper operation of the automatic overspeed system requires regular attention to ensure that the entire system is properly working.

The speedswitch supplied has a test feature that can easily allow the system to be tested.

When the test button is depressed and held, the set overspeed RPM is reduced to 2/3 so that the system can be tested without overspeeding the engine. When the test button is released, the system retains the original overspeed setting. Using the test button, the entire overspeed system can be tested without damage to the engine and should you not want the valve close entirely, the reset lever may be held to leave the valve in the open position while the system is being checked.

Maintenance instructions

The ISOV valve should be operated at regular intervals to assure that the moving parts are free and operational. It is recommended that the rest lever shaft be lubricated when normal engine service work is done.