The ISOV valve is a positive spring operated air intake shutoff valve that provides emergency overspeed shutdown of a diesel engine. Mechanical failure or the presence of combustible vapors like hydrocarbons in the engine’s intake system may cause the engine to overspeed beyond control causing servere damage to the engine or even explosion.

We offer the most comprehensive and diverse line of positive air shutoff valves. In addition, our installation/activation kits are specifically engineered for your application.

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Shutoff Valve Applications

ISOV manufactures engine overspeed shutdown devices for many applications. Some typical applications are listed below:

  • Drilling Rigs (Onshore & Offshore)
  • Drilling Support Equipment
  • Well Servicing Equipment
  • Refinery Support Equipment
  • Bulk Haulers and Tankers
  • Mining Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Generator Sets
  • Air Compressors


We engineer and manufacture to the latest standards for existing engines and develop applications with worldwide engine manufacturers.

2" - 20" (51-508mm)
Air Temperatures:
Up to 280 C
Aluminum, SS316, Titanium

Inhouse machining, assembly and testing ensures unsurpassed quality.
We commit to rapid deliverytime and price competitiveness.